Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with letting Go at InnerFocus

For the past couple of months I have been meeting with my friend Sherry on reducing the effects of stress in my life.  It’s been life changing.

See… I had come to a point in my journey were I felt stuck. I needed something to jump start my inner change to support the outer changes I have been working on.  I needed something that helped me look at the whole person in my healing journey.  I needed help seeing things from all sides so that I could truly make clear and conscientious choices in the present.


I first met her at our chiropractor.  She uses several methods to help me heal and let go of the stress past and present.  The  main technique is something called “One Brain” developed by Three In One Concepts, Inc.  This unique approach helps to change the negative to positive.  Everything is gentle, kind, and enlightening.  Each time we meet we work on identifying and acknowledging issues and stressors, making problem solving more successful.

Although we come from different backgrounds, different religions, different family situations, we come together in the common desire to live in the present.  Sherry is kind, loving, listens, insightful and skilled.

Seriously, next to my scripture reading and other faith based things I do to find peace, this has been one of the best things I have done for myself.

Give it a try.  Give her a call.  Check out her website here.  She is great in person and can even help you long distances.


You can’t go wrong!

Sherry… YOU ROCK!

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