Basic Path of Sound

Learning something new is worth the effort!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

I recently attempted to teach the basics of sound engineering to my tech theatre class.  It is tough to teach large classes a subject that I think is best learned hand on when there isn’t enough equipment to go around.  I was hoping to keep it simple.

The role of a sound system is to amplify and adjust the sound quality of an audio signal and to provide an output for a speaker system.  There are 4 basic stages… input, mixing/effects, amplification, and output.


The first step is input.  The mic captures the sound and converts the sound wave to electric impulses that can be fed to the rest of the system.  The microphone is a “transducer” that converts acoustic sound  into electrical signals that can then be processed and amplified by the system.    Audio players convert the sound data encoded on a recording into electrical signals that can…

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