#bethelight – Day 79

I am finding that on busy days it’s hard to do something “special” to #bethelight.  Llately, I am not home to bake for someone, or visit people who may not be in my daily routine.  I am also finding that I can #bethelight when I pay attention to what is happening around me… when I look for opportunities to be kind or to give someone the benefit of the doubt.  It has also occurred to me that blogging and sharing my experiences with food, theatre, family, and even my random thoughts is spreading the light in the world.  I know that it isn’t making a big difference, but for the few who try a recipe, felt encouraged by one of my thoughts, or learned something new from my ramblings then I have succeeded in #bethelight.  So get our there.  Share you!  Don’t be afraid to let people know what you believe.

Join me!


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