#bethelight – Day 78

When was the last time you told the people you love that you love them?

I think we should say I love you more often.


Feeling love brings so much joy to a person’s life.  Why not wrap yourself up in that feeling?  Why not share it whenever the mood strikes?

Say it!  Say it out loud!


Say I love you to the best friend that listened to you cry… who actually laughs at your stupid jokes… who knows when you need a hug just by listening to your voice.  Seriously.  No one puts up with you and all your neurotic tendencies,  Be honest.  Who else does that?

Say I love you to friends, mentors, and family in your life.  Say it because it just plain feels good to say those words.  There is a calmness, joy, and comfort that comes from telling someone that is a big part of your life that he or she is valued, cherished and loved.

“I love you” is verbal sunshine.  It brings a smile, deep in the heart and clear down to the toes.

So… say it more often!  Throw it around all day.  Just say it!  Celebrate your people!

As for my people?  I LOVE YOU!400bd5722602c470cb5fc4a37d1c0798--simple-way-bucket-lists



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