Menu Monday

It Can Be Done – Even on Busy Weeks

This week I drank a smoothie every morning… along with my apple cider and lemon juice water.


I had a salad for lunch everyday.  The hours I keep are rough around the time I am trying to open a show.  Thankfully, there are pre-made salads in the veggie section of the store.  No chopping involved.  You don’t have to use the dressing, but at least you can save time on chopping.

For dinner I had spaghetti and veggie meatballs.  Again, I was super busy so I bought Morningstar veggie meatballs.  It’s not the best choice, but it beats the alternative.

SFS_spaghetti_meatballs_059 (3)

My husband made a yummy Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup.  Click here for the recipe.  I really enjoyed it.  It lasted me at least 2 meals.


My husband did most of the cooking this week because I just was not coming home… too busy finishing my set and cues and such.  He made these yummy Curried Chickpeas.  Sadly, I have no idea how he did that.  Thankfully, it lasted a couple dinners too.


One night we were both crazy busy.  He stopped by to bring me a veggie burrito from a local restaurant.


We made salad rolls for dinner


I made mine into a lovely plate… sometimes wrapping is hard.  LOL.  Again, because of time, we used a purchased Thai Peanut Sauce rather than making one.


Two more weeks of complete chaos and then I will be able to get on the real good eating wagon.  Meanwhile, I find it a success that I have stayed away from fast food and have been successful at maintaining the health progress I have made thus far, even with the schedule I’ve been keeping.

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