Menu Monday

Not the Best Week, But Hanging In There

What a week!  I opened a show and I think I was home to sleep.  That was it.  Man!  It is hard to eat well when you never see a kitchen.

For breakfast I had a smoothie.  One day I ate mixed veggies.  I was craving my mushroom, onion and spinach thing and didn’t have the time for that.  So mixed veggies it was.

Most lunches were salads… lots and lots of salads.  One day I had a veggie sandwich someone was kind enough to bring me.

My husband made a batch of black bean.  It was dinner for a couple of nights.  I had a veggie burger from a local restaurant one night.  A different nigh, when I hadn’t come home, my husband brought me a veggie burrito.  A different night he brought me salad rolls.  I ate curried chickpeas a different evening.  Then, last night, we were all too tired for a full meals, so we made burgers.  Mine was a veggie burger.

You can click here for the Black Bean Soup recipe.

You can click here for the Curried Chickpea recipe.

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