#bethelight – Day 152, 153 and 154

Today is actually day 153.  I missed blogging day 152 and 153 because I was at the State Thespian Conference and really didn’t have the opportunity to blog.  However, that didn’t stop me from looking for opportunities to be kind… like holding open doors, talking to kids that were alone in the crowd, hooking up people that could be helpful to each other, and cheering on budding artist.  State Thespian days can be great learning opportunities.  It is my kindness goal to help every student find those opportunities.

Today is day 154.  Today my act of kindness is to fast… to fast for the lady I saw hit by a car in a crosswalk… to fast for friends in need of better health… to fast for my kids and their personal goals and trials… to fast for better relationships, especially my relationship with the Lord.  Fasting is a great way to spread kindness in the world.

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