#bethelight – Day 213

Wow!  What a day!  I went to the school today thinking my day would be one way and it wasn’t at all like how I planned. Today was graduation and the forecast said we would a 95-100% chance of rain… rain on an outdoor graduation.  I ended up spending the entire day working on getting our high school graduation to stream live with borrowed equipment and a prayer.  I didn’t leave the school all day… a 14 hour day.  I got it to work… sort of.  The sound would cut in and out and many people were mad or disappointed.  But I did my best.  Sometimes an act of kindness is successful.  However, I am learning that acts of kindness don’t always please everyone.

2 thoughts on “#bethelight – Day 213”

  1. You Technological Wonder Woman You! I doubt there is anyone else in town that would know how to live stream it. Way to go! Heck, I have watched Big Sky Conference games live streamed with ton ‘o glitches and they have state of the art equiptment and a whole shlew of techs working on it! You ROCK!!


    1. Actually. I didn’t have a clue. I just was willing to learn from those who did and to sit there all day collecting the necessary parts. And I was willing to sit there and make it work. The school doesn’t really own the camera… or an iPad/iPhone (so it was mine in use)… or have a reliable internet wifi. So it was frustrating. But I learned a new trick yesterday.


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