Menu Monday

Lovin’ the Farmer’s Market

Okay… still no camera.  I can’t record my meals.  However, I am still doing well enough.  Still eating salads.  Still eating fruits.  My favorites are the strawberries and raspberries from my own garden.  I’ve done better with reducing pastas and breads this week.  Dairy is still reasonable.  I only had a light Greek yogurt here and there with my berries.  Still no meats.  I am holding water and I have not succeeded in getting back to a daily walk.  I’ve got to see what I can make happen… but maybe not in the next 5 weeks.

Today I start my summer job…. and I am still teaching voice lessons.  It makes for longer days then school days.  It is high stress.  Today, for example… I will leave the house in an hour.  I will stop by the high school and get some cardboard.  I will head into Salem and make an 8am meeting.  I will teach classes until 12:30.  I will drive back home.  I might get 30 minutes to hit the bathroom and eat lunch.  Then I teach voice lessons until 6:30 at which time, I get back into my car and drive back to Salem for a meeting.  I won’t get home until 9 pm.  I will be repeating that everyday this week, except for on Tuesday and Thursday I will shopping for materials in the afternoon and heading up a work party in the evening.  The point of telling you all this here is to prove that it is hard to find time to exercise, let along find a moment to pee or make a meal.

That being said, I do love that I can make meals.  Yesterday, for example, I enjoyed making a salad with lettuce from my own garden.  I am loving trying the veggies.  You see, I get a basket of cool things from a local farmer every week.  She will even deliver it to my door if I can’t make it down to the farmer’s market.  The things in the baskets have introduced me to cool new veggies.  This week there are these cool cactus leaves in there.  I will be trying something new there.  Because there was an egg plant in the basket last summer, I learned to love egg plant.  I love the farmer’s market!

I love the veggies I get each week and I love supporting a local farmer and their family.  I’d encourage everyone to try their local farmer’s market.  To be honest, it’s my favorite part of summer.

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