Menu Monday

Plant Power

My husband fixed my phone camera yesterday, so I will have pictures of foods next week!  I am so excited!  However, I did not get pictures of foods I ate last week.

I am loving eating a plant powered diet.  My garden is giving me beautiful berries and lettuce.  The farmer’s bounty basket is giving me beautiful cherries, lettuce, zucchini and onions.  I got some beautiful apricots at the road side fruit stand.

Every day I eat a large salad for lunch.  Every day I eat veggies for dinner.

I am working on better health.  Sadly, everyone measures better health by the size of your body.  The stress on my joints tells me that the size of my body truly is a sign of my health.  However, the size of my body is not changing.  I am thinking it’s because my stress level is still too high.  Still, I know that I feel better… I just wish I looked better.


I still love eating veggies.  I know that eating fresh, raw, green veggies is my biggest weapon in losing weight and restoring my health.  My goal is 1 pound of salad a day.  I attempt to stuff myself with raw veggies before anything else. My next goal is to eat nearly a pound of cooked veggies a day… including onions and mushrooms.  In the summer time I am too hot for soups, but soups are my favorite way to get these cooked veggies.  I also like stir fries with veggies and tofu.

Now, most people I know feel like I am depriving myself.  However, over the past year I have learned that I am not depriving.  I am thriving!

To plant power!hand_fist_flower_plant_power_1000x523

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