Celestial Wonders

One year ago I experienced one of the coolest and most memorable events. I’m ready to do it again… I just have to wait 6 years.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

The event began yesterday morning with an ever-so-slight shift of light… a bit of darkness.  Through my solar eclipse glasses, it appeared as if someone nibbled a small bite out of the sun. Slowly – yet not slowly – the shadow crept its way across the sun’s surface.

As these celestial bodies began to align in the mid-day sky, the terrestrial-bound body of my husband, John, scurried in a mad last -minute scramble for the best vantage point, the perfect camera position, a view of what his chickens were doing or that his party guests were truly looking at the wonder manifest in the heavens.  Our guest worried that he would miss this event that, clearly, he had been waiting for with great anticipation since the 6th grade.


The light grew dimmer – almost grey – as the moon made its march across the sun.  As a theatre lighting designer…

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