Scripture Sunday

Putting My Christian Heart to Work Because I Have Been Given Much

I spent the weekend working… working when my heart really wanted to sit at my desk and listen to General Conference.  I worked on my set for many hours.  I worked on creating apple sauce at the request of my daughter.  I worked at creating a sugar free apple pie.  I worked at harvesting the last of the tomatoes from my garden.  I worked at putting those tomatoes into jars while standing in the rain.  I worked at cleaning up the kitchen and running laundry for my teenager who missed her laundry day.  I did try to listen to General Conference on Sunday.  I got all but the Women’s Sessions from Saturday night in.  It seemed like the main message of the whole conference was about ministering and serving.  At least I got some serving in, even if I didn’t do my traditional listen to conference activities.


Then, just before I was ready to start my 10 day Facebook fast, as requested by our prophet, I had some time to look at a fundraiser my daughter is hosting to help a family in need.  It seems that they have had some bad luck.  A less than honest company sold them a house that was uninhabitable.  All of their money is now tied up in lawsuits while their family – a large family with 7 children – faces their second rainy, wet, cold, Oregon winter in tents!  How does this happen?

I have experience with living in tents as a family.  When I was a kid, my family lived in the mountains in tents for a summer while we logged logs for my parents’ log home.  It was hard… but at least it was summer.  I can’t imagine living like that in the cold rainy weather of the Willamette valley.  Their story reminds me that it is a blessing to serve!

So here is my plea… if you happen to read this blog, please consider buying some of these cards from my daughter.  Her goal is to raise $600 to help this family pay for repairs.


Order here:

Here is more on the story about this family in need.…/jefferson-ore…/865965002/

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