Menu Monday

Struggling to Eat Healthy with a Busy Schedule

I started the week doing a decent job recording my meals via a photo.  Then…. it all fell apart.  Got too busy with getting the show ready for tech.  As tech neared I found it harder and harder to get meals, let alone, take a picture.  All I can say is, I did my best under the circumstances.

Monday I had a salad, a few crackers, and some cabbage soup.


Tuesday I had some stir fried veggies and some left over spaghetti with home made sauce.


On Wednesday I had a plum, some cabbage soup, and a veggie burrito my husband brought me.


Thursday I didn’t have time to make a lunch so I didn’t eat until my husband brought me a veggie enchilada when he came to help me hang lights.


The next day was an other long day… barely getting in some stir fried veggies, some home made sugar free apple sauce.  I worked on setting lights until 4:30 in the morning, but I did get in a veggie burrito around 8 pm… I just forgot to take a picture.


I didn’t get a picture of the Indian food my husband brought me on Saturday.  I also didn’t take a picture of the bread sticks I ate on Saturday… let’s just say, it wasn’t the best day for health food choices.


I had some acorn squash, broccoli and couscous on Sunday.  I also was craving cinnamon rolls.  This was a problem because I have sworn off processed sugar.  However, I used honey in the roll dough… and I used some sugar free apple butter I made using smashed apples, dates and dried cranberries and made some super tasty rolls.  I also had some curried tofu that my husband made me.

This coming week will be just as bad.  Evidence…. to busy to take a picture of anything I’ve eaten.  In fact, I have no idea what I have eaten.  That’s not good…

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