Menu Monday

two weeks in one post

Okay… it’s been two weeks since I posted my food choices on my blog.  Last Monday I was  little busy driving home from my weekend away.  Thus, the blog was ignored on Monday.

These were my choices a couple of Mondays ago.  I had a nice fruit shake and some crackers for lunch and a nice salad and pasta with marinara sauce and vegan cheese for dinner.

Tuesday that week was a busy day.  I had a fruit smoothie and a Metamucil wafer for  lunch.  I was a long day because we worked at finishing the strike for Mamma Mia.  My husband was kind and brought me some veggie stir fry on rice.  We got some pizza for the kids that came to help.  I ate one piece of cheese pizza.

Wednesday I had a salad for lunch with some Miso and veggie soup.  I snacked on some veggie chips too.  At dinner time my friend got me some stir fried veggies and rice from the local Chinese restaurant because I had to stay late at school for an event.

Thursday I had some corn chips, a kiwi, a salad and some Miso soup while I was at school. Once I got home I ate a veggie burger with mustard and a few sweet potato tots.

Some how I missed taking pictures of my food on Friday.  I will just have to tell you what I had on Saturday.  Saturday, John and I drove 6 hours to an air B&B in Washington state.  We stopped around 10:30 and I ate a breakfast burrito with potato and no meat from Taco Bell.  It’s hard to find good food on the road.  We went to a little store on the island and bought food to make at the little cottage we stayed in.  On Saturday we made a salad and Pad Thai. It turned out pretty good.

Sunday, I admit, I went a little crazy.  I don’t usually eat breakfast, but Sunday I ate some of the veggie quiche John made.  Then we snacked on chips and salsa, sour dough bread and sugar free jam.  For lunch we had a lentil soup.  At dinner time we made a tortellini with a yummy marinara sauce and kale salad.

Monday I didn’t have much to choose from because we had not gone grocery shopping for the family as we were gone for the weekend.  I ended up eating Miso veggie soup, a granola bar I found at school and a veggie burger with mustard.

I still hadn’t really gone to the store on Tuesday.  I ate sour cream and onion chips at school because that is all that I found.  I know.  Bad choice.  I had a salad and toast with the last of the sugar free jam for dinner.

Wednesday I ate a granola bar and a salad for lunch.  I made Ratatouille for dinner.

Thursday was another busy day.  I took left over Ratatouille to school with.  I also snacked on a few sour cream and onion chips. …oops.  I still had not gone to the store for real veggie foods, so I had to settle for a veggie burger and mustard for dinner… again.

Friday was a long day.  I didn’t take pictures of food because I didn’t eat until dinner time.  It was dark, and I was driving.  That doesn’t work well for taking a picture.  I ate a veggie burrito on the way to see a play with John, Lilli and friends.  On Saturday I ate a granola bar and a salad for lunch.  I took Lilli to a dance concert in the evening and we stopped for a bean burger at Burgerville on our way to the concert.

On Sunday I ate a breakfast muffin made with eggs from our chickens and veggies.  After church I made a roast red pepper soup that turned out supper good.  I had some toast and jam too.  At night I made the family Sheppard’s pie.  It has meat, so I saved out some potatoes for myself.  I also ate some steamed broccoli.  The farmer’s co-op gave us some good broccoli and I really enjoyed it.

So… that was the last two weeks.  I am really needing to get my act together and go back to complete veggies – no breads.  I just haven’t yet because life is just so complicated.

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