Menu Monday

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise… in Progress

I am working on “wealth.”  Health seems to be ever elusive.  I do know that it’s all in my choices.  I was all set to eat more salads and then the Romaine lettuce scare took all the lettuce and pre-chopped salads out of the stores.  It makes it real hard to eat a salad a day when there are no “greens” available.  It gets really complicated when you add my crazy, busy life to the mixture.

So here it is… on Monday I ate the last of my mushroom Wellington for lunch and some string cheese.  I was craving the cheese.  Maybe I’m missing something found in cheese.  For dinner I ate roasted veggies and a piece of toast.

Tuesday I ate left over spaghetti squash with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, mushrooms and spinach.  I had to work late at school on Tuesday, so I got some chips and guacamole from a local restaurant.

On Wednesday I tried to eat a salad for lunch.  I found some greens, added olives and sunflower seeds.  It was plain but it was okay.  I also ate a fiber bar.  I worked that evening so I only had time to stop and get a veggie burger and fries from a local restaurant.  I know.  Not good.  But I had to eat something.

On Thursday  I only had one meal because I was so busy.  I got a veggie burrito and chips and salsa from a local restaurant.

Friday, my husband and I hit the road for 12.5 hours.  We were able to find a Taco Bell and I had a bean burrito and a Veggie Delight from a Subway for meals.  I also had a few grapes, and mixed nuts.  Saturday we were busy with family stuff.  I did eat a veggie burger and some fried mushrooms at a family party and some salad and rolls and potatoes at a church party in the evening.  Sunday we hit the road again.  This time I had a couple fiber bars, grapes, a banana, and a veggie delight sandwich from Subway.  Not great choices, but great choices are hard in the car.  I didn’t get pictures of these meals.  It just happens… sometimes.

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