Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 36 and Day 37

I have no idea why I didn’t blog yesterday. I was busy doing stuff and the day got away from me. I started the day not able to find my keys. After awhile I found them and headed off to my daughter’s house to help out for a couple of hours. Oh, I did fix the washer before I left. Truthfully, I have no idea how I fixed it. I just logged onto an app and it worked. These crazy computerized appliance baffle me sometimes. When I got home I worked on cleaning up the house and on my church calling. I also got chat with my Jo. I went to bed at a decent hour, but couldn’t fall asleep. Lots on my mind.

Today I’ve been working on house stuff again. Stand back. I’m even changing the sheets on my bed. I folded a couple loads of my daughter’s laundry and gave some cash to a different daughter to go to the movies with a friend. It’s a bit of a lazy day.

Things to be grateful for…

Lazy days…

TV binging on Hulu on lazy days…

1 thought on “Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 36 and Day 37”

  1. Way to go Ms. I-found-an-app-to-fix-my-washer! You rock!
    I got to care for our little grandbaby (hanai-kind) while his parents are up north for medical stuff. He is way sweet and carries my husband’s middle name as his in his honor.
    With myself sitting in the middle of the living room, happy helpers who were waiting to play a dancing game on the Wii handed me nativity after nativity and lugged the wonderment of decorations to the attic! Christmas decor and living room back in order! YAY!
    Havingmy kiddos help physically and with encouragement to get it done before New Year’s and going back to work is my gratitude igniter.
    Your Jo


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