Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 34 and Day 35

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I focused on family. I didn’t want to distract myself with blogging. I really appreciated spending time with them and talking to family on the phone.

Today I am thankful for others who are “there” for me.

I am grateful for family… my parents and siblings. They are always there for each person in the family, no matter our differences.

I am thankful for Jo. I really don’t form “attachments” to anyone… accept for Jo. I truly miss her now that she has moved far away. I am thankful that no matter how much time has passed, when we talk of get together it is like we were never apart. I love that I don’t have to “entertain,” we just go along with what ever the other person is doing.

I am thankful for my work partner in crime, Jeff. We don’t really do anything outside of theatre/teaching theatre, but we work well together. He gives me many opportunities to stretch and to learn new things. And he gives me many opportunities to dream and to create.

I am grateful for my students. They are good people. It is an honor to work through art and life together.

What are you grateful for today.

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