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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 33

I saw this on Facebook today and it seemed appropriate.

Today was a busy day getting ready for family things and Christmas. Per tradition, I fell short. But I have decided the thought and the effort counts.

Today, while I was at Walmart getting stocking stuffers, I cheerfully greeted the checkout clerk and thanked her for being willing to work on a holiday for those of us who had not gotten their acts together. She looked so sad. She said she didn’t celebrate the holidays because she didn’t even make money for her monthly bills. I whispered to Lilli to go get a Subway gift card and to add it to my order. After she rang it up, I asked her if I could borrow a pen. She said that she didn’t have a pen because Walmart required their employees to provide their own pens and that costumers have walked away with all her pens. So I dug through my purse and found a pen. I signed the gift card with her name from a grateful customer, wished her Merry Christmas and handed her the card and the pen. She cried. It was worth the $25 I spent on the card, just to see her face and to have Ethan and Lilli witness kindness at work.

Meanwhile, John paid for someone’s groceries today. He also went to the store multiple times to get what was needed to fix McKay and Myles’ new dryer. He finished the rocking horse he made for Beckett and helped me wash a few dishes.

Lilli and I mailed some cards (oops they are late but hey, they went out), delivered a couple presents, got all the stocking stuffers and prepped for Christmas breakfast.

After shopping I made 2 soups, and rolls for dinner, cleaned the kitchen and made cinnamon rolls and crepes and “Snow in Monmouth” for Christmas morning. I also had the little people help me make chocolate chip cookies for Santa. Then there was the last minute wrapping and the stockings to stuff.

I am only taking a minutes to write this blog before I go back to creating Christmas for the morning. It’s been a long day.

I am grateful for the little messages from the Spirit to serve others. It reminds me just how much He is aware of each person’s needs.

I am grateful for a young daughter who is willing to serve, even when she misses her big sister and isn’t quite up to her usual Christmas spirit.

I am grateful for her friend Ethan who has helped out a ton in the past couple of days.

And I am grateful for my sister who was born on Christmas Eve. Today is her birthday. I sent her a text because things have been so chaotic. I will have to call her later in the week when things hopefully settle down.

What are you grateful for today?

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