How Can We Overcome Our Doubts?

I love these thoughts! Today I will follow suit. I will trust in the Lord and strive to stay the course. I will not allow doubts to overcome my goals. I will anchor myself to true principles. Give this blog a read. This writer is amazing.

Book of Mormon Study Notes

To doubt something is to feel uncertain about it, to lack conviction. The word is also closely associated with fear (Oxford Dictionary).

When new evidence calls an accepted fact into question, reasonable people will begin to doubt what they thought they knew before. This is wise, and is part of the process of learning and growing. However, sometimes, particularly when we are working to achieve a difficult goal, the roadblocks we face can cause us to question our course of action. We can forget the reasons for our original confidence. We can become fearful. As a result, we might give up halfway through the process, or simply make a halfhearted and inconsistent effort.

Success in any endeavor requires commitment, and it is impossible to commit when we are plagued by doubt.

The Book of Mormon tells the story of a massive war. Helaman, who was the leader of…

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