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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 54

Today I am grateful for phones and for technology. Today technology allowed me to chat with my missionary via text. I sure miss that girl. I also got to talk to a daughter-from-an-odder mudder. I love that girl! I love her mom too. Phones allow me to love on people, even over long distances, which is good because it kills me that I can’t hug them in person!

Today I am grateful for my scripture study time. I figure, if I need to sacrifice something for time I am going to give up exercise. I hope God blesses me with a healthy body anyway. Well, healthy enough that I just ran stairs at work and didn’t die. LOL. But not a skinny, healthy, acceptable weight.

Today I am grateful that we got to have chickens for a few years. That chapter has ended. But I did enjoy listening to the cluck. I did enjoy listening them to scratch around outside my window. I did enjoy eating their eggs. But, we have ended that chapter. We will be occupying the yard with something else now.

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