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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 76

It’s funny…. a few weeks ago I picked some random pictures to go with these blog post and put a date on them. I wanted to be sure I had something for each day in advance because I knew I would be busy. This was the picture I picked for today. Today I read half of a book about happiness assigned to me at work. How fitting this is the picture of the day?

I am grateful for tender mercies such as these. It’s as if God really does know me and knows what’s on my mind. LOL. Go figure.

Today I am grateful Ibuprofen. I have a neck ache and need my muscles to relax. So I am grateful for that little rust colored pill…. and for my muscle electrifying machine ( have no idea how to spell the real name). 🙂

Today I am grateful snow. It wasn’t enough to close school. But it was sure pretty! We still have the potential for a little more snow. Maybe there is a snow day in the future for all the disappointed school children.

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