Menu Monday

Reality Check

Okay. Time to get serious about taking pictures of all my food intake… again. My last doctor visit proved that my weight hasn’t changed in a year and my blood pressure is not improving. It is very discouraging. I guess I should expect it because I have not been hard core Dr Fuhrman diet style. But I will work myself back to that this coming week. Here is what I ate last week…

Monday I had a green smoothie for breakfast, a beet juice smoothie and a few chips with salsa for lunch and a piece of cheese pizza at dinner time.

On Tuesday I had a salad for lunch and sauted mushrooms, onions, and spinach topped with an egg for dinner.

On Wednesday I had the left over sauted veggies for breakfast, a salad with hummus and vinegar, and a couple veggie tots for lunch, and spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and a piece of toast for dinner.

On Thursday I had a green smoothie for breakfast, a beet juice smoothie and cabbage soup for lunch, and a salad for dinner.

On Friday I had left over spaghetti squash and marinara sauce for breakfast, a salad and a banana for lunch and a tofu stir fry for dinner.

On Saturday I had tofu stir fry for breakfast, some almonds for lunch, and a salad with hummus for dinner.

Sunday I had eggs and potatoes my daughter made, an orange, and a couple pickles for lunch ( I didn’t get a picture), tortellini soup for dinner and crackers and a small salad as s snack. I forgot to take a picture of the garlic bread (my indulgence for the week).

Not stellar. Clearly, I need to be more diligent about getting nutrient dense foods. Time to read his book again.

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