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Developing and Attitude of Gratitude – Day 85, Day 86 and Day 87

Wow… the last 3 days have been a blur. I have been keeping track of things I am grateful for. I just get home so late that I don’t blog.

Thursday was Valentine’s Day. It was a good day. I am grateful that my husband got my flowers and a cool cd. I am grateful I got a good smile of the video of Lilli giving a Valentine to her best friend. It was a major surprise and she definitely out did herself. I am grateful that my husband stopped by with dinner at the end of rehearsal, since I was staying to program light cues. I am grateful that his kind heart then went to help a great family friend. I got home after midnight and fell into bed.

Friday was a long day. I am grateful I got a couple hours away from the school for some me time and I even got time to go to the bank. I am grateful for the handful of people who stayed after rehearsal to help me paint the stage… including my husband and sweet daughter and her best friend. Lilli and Ethan even stayed until 2:30 in the morning to help me get ready for tech day.

Today was tech of Fiddler on the Roof. Long day! Very little sleep! I am grateful it went fairly well. I am pleased with how the lighting turned out. The scene changes are pretty darn smooth. All I have left to add are sound cues. We are on a good start to having a smooth show. I am super proud of all these kids. I am grateful that ray and Kimber cleaned up the house. I love a clean house on the Sabbath! I am grateful that John did laundry, went to the store, did some dishes, and helped our family friend. I am looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. I’m going to take a nap… unless McKay is having her baby. 🙂

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