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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 137 and Day 138

Yesterday was a long day, complicated by not feeling well. I got up late. I went to a set build. I was only able to accomplish a fraction of the work I needed to. I took Lilli to a meeting and waited for her. I went to the store and bought some things, but mostly things I didn’t need or intend to buy. I came home and spent the time alone because everyone had their own projects happening. I couldn’t even get their attention when I had to leave. I went back to the school to run the tech stuff for Mr. and Ms Central Pageant. It didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked… plus, I had a head ache to beat the band. Through all that I didn’t eat well. In fact, I only ate a few “poppers” and some potato chips. I got home late and didn’t feel like making food and there were no left overs from dinner, so I crawled into bed. This morning I woke up groggy. I still feel awful. I am nauseated and I have a terrible headache. I went to 2 Sacrament meetings, my own and a different ward because I played the piano for someone. I came home and snacked on crap food while I studied some scriptures on my own. I am struggling to feel an attitude of gratitude today.

But… I will give it a shot:

I am grateful for the sacrament.

I am grateful for blood oranges. I ate one today for the first time and it was fairly tasty.

I am grateful I could find something to start for dinner for the family, since I didn’t get to do grocery shopping yesterday and John didn’t understand my list. I will just make me a broth soup since I didn’t really get ingredients for stuff I should eat.

I am grateful for my garden. I went out there today and the plants haven’t died, but I am going to need to do something to get rid of the slugs that are fat and happy eating my establishing plants.

I am thankful for cozy sweaters. I am cold today. My sweater may be ugly, but it’s cozy.

I am thankful for spring approaching… even if April showers are bringing floods.

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