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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 143 and Day 144

Wow! It has been a great week. I have loved focusing on the Savior throughout the week with scriptures, hymns and activities. I am grateful for the spirit that has been with our family this week.

I am grateful that my husband helped me today with shopping and mowing and dinner and cleaning up dinner. I had a set build this morning, after which, I wanted to through a little “spring egg hunt” for the grand kids. I am grateful that Lilli and Ethan were willing to help put together eggs and to help the little people find them. I am thankful that everyone listened to my little shpill and went along with my “Sabbath” meal. Earlier in the week it dawned on my that the Savior would have had a “Sabbath” meal with His family… maybe even that week. I looked up what a Jewish Sabbath meal would be and did my best to serve something close. I wanted us to walk His walk today as we prepared to celebrate His Resurrection tomorrow. Sadly, after I explained the meal and said a prayer, I had to go back to work for an event in the theatre. I am thankful my family seemed understanding. I was so sad to leave them. I am thankful that John followed my instructions and showed the videos after dinner. I so want my kids and my grand kids to know that Jesus is the reason. Jesus is the PLAN!

I am grateful for our dog Charlie. I know I complain about his hair all over, but he is a good dog. Last night we thought we might be losing him. He is an older golden retriever. We know it is almost his time. He was laying on the back deck when John discovered him have some kind of seizure or stroke. He was foaming at the mouth and could not get up and thrashing around. We called the vet and were thinking we might need to take him to a vet ER. However, after a little bit, we were able to get him to stand. At first, he couldn’t walk. He would just fall over. Then he could only walk in circles to the right. He seemed confused and dazed. He could only take a couple steps and then he would sit to rest. He seemed confused and worried until Lilli came home (from her first date). Then he seemed to settle down. This morning he was back to his old self. Last night was scary, but I am grateful we get a little more time with that sweet old dog.

I am grateful for family.

I am thankful for scripture.

I am thankful for flowers.

I am thankful for our approaching bed time… I am TIRED!

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