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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 173 and Day 174

I was home far to late to really think about blogging last night. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t grateful.

I am grateful the crazy “wild hair” project went well in our final destination.

I am thankful it is done. I’m tired.

I am thankful I traveled safely to and from Central Oregon.

I am thankful John is making progress on our dvd project for kids who were in shows this year.

I am thankful that John and Jeff helped me fix the doors I am loaning out tomorrow.

I am thankful for church and the opportunity to take a mental break and to focus on the Savior.

I am grateful for my scripture study time today… So many things to read and to ponder!

I am grateful that I get to chat with my parents every Sunday. They are cool people.

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