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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 181-187

Yes indeed we do.

I am still working on developing my attitude of gratitude. I just wasn’t able to blog about if this past week due to a couple complications, ranging from a broken computer to my computer constantly occupied burning dvds of shows for kids at school.

This week I was grateful for:

John who worked hard burning dvds… and editing them. Nearly 300 of them. This project would be a disaster without him.

A phone call from my sister friend Jo. I sure miss her. She called on a day I really needed a friendly voice.

McKay and her kids were safe even though a guy rear ended them at a stop light.

That all the events in my theatre went well. This week I set up and ran tech for freshmen orientation with sound systems all over the building,2 choir concerts, transitions program orientation, a dance dance recital, thespian inductions, and I even help kids set up the school dance.

Jeff who generously set up an other event while I was busy with a dance recital in the auditorium.

my tech kids. They helped me survive this week. I am going to miss the ones that are graduating. They are my rock at school

Lilli and her poise when things went wrong at her recital and when others were less then kind. She is a rock star.

Lilli’s friend Leah who helped me organize all my dvds to give to the kids.

John stepped up to help me by teaching Sunday School because I got vertigo pretty bad over the past 2 days.

That I finally got rest today. I have only gotten 4 hours of sleep, several days this week. I was physically spent. In fact, I spent most of the day in bed.

That Kimber and McKay came to support Lilli and her dance recital.

Phone calls from my son and from my mom.

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