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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 195

Today I didn’t go to the school.

Today I went grocery shopping. I am grateful for the kind man who helped me as I balanced the trunk door on my head, trying to load in the groceries. He even took my cart to the cart rack for me. He said he wanted me to know that there were still real men in the world. This was poetic because I had smiled at his as I left the store. He looks disheveled and maybe even a bit homeless, but he was kind and that says something.

Today I cleaned out my fridge and cleaned the kitchen. I am grateful I had the oppertunity to do so. It was a hot mess and I’ve been needing to do it for quit some time now. I an glad I had some time to clean it today.

Today I went to McKay’s house while she went to an appointment. I am grateful Tatum slept most of the time so I could clean off McKay’s table, sweep, and do several loads of dishes. I am thankful that Beckett was a good helper. I am grateful that we even had time to read a few books.

I am grateful for the lessons I taught today. Today was the last day for one of my college students. Tomorrow she moves back to San Diego for the summer. In the fall she will be moving to work in Portland. I loved teaching her. She is talented and I loved singing some challenging songs with her. I also had a great time with my other students as well. I am also thankful for the oppertunity to add a little to our income doing something I love.

I didn’t get to talk to my missionary much today. However, we did exchange a couple emails. She may have lined up somethings for her future plans today. I am grateful she is getting her ideas together… whatever they may be. We are down to less than 20 days now. So excited!

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