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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 194

I LOVE the Sabbath. It is the perfect chance to remember the Savior and all He has blessed me with.

I am grateful for Church and the chance to take the sacrament.

I am grateful for the talks and lessons I heard today. I especially appreciated a talk by Todd Bevans today. I am thankful for the thought that came to me – a paraphrase of something he said… knowing the truth doesn’t mean we are perfect. Perfection takes practice. Amen to that.

I am thankful for another thought that came to me as I pondered the sacrifice of the Savior during the sacrament today. For whatever reason, the phrase “the very elect shall fall” came into my mind. I then thought the question, “Why do the fall?” This was followed by the clear answer, “pride.” Pride brings them down. This is a pattern that we have seen since the beginning. Lucifer, the morning star, fell because of pride. Cain, brother to Abel, fell because of pride. The children of Israel fell because of pride. People today fall away because of pride. It is pride that keeps us from truly knowing the nature of God and His will. It is pride that keeps us from finding true and lasting happiness. I am thankful for this gentle reminder during this sacred pondering time. What am I doing to avoid pride in my life? New things to ponder.

I am thankful for time to study the scriptures today.

I am thankful for the time to blog about our family activities during the week and to write a letter to Hannah.

I am thankful that John helped clean up the kitchen and make dinner for McKay and Myles and the kids. I am thankful that McKay brought the meat, all ready to eat and that she went out and picked strawberries for a yummy desert.

I am thankful for the nice chat I had on the back deck with a little fire in the clay fire thing with Lilli. I sure love that kid.

I am thankful that it is nearly time to lay down and rest. Oh how I need a good nights sleep!

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