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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 204

Good Question…

I am thankful I got all the models done for CET and that i only have one more show to draw the plans for.

I am thankful for Lilli who keeps helping me. I am thankful she can run errands for me!

I am thankful for “Fruit stand Friday – a day early. Friday i will be in the car for 13 hours, driving to my mother-in-law’s funeral… and late Saturday/Sunday I will be back in the car driving back.

I am thankful for cool weather. I needs these compression socks over the next couple of days!

I am thankful for water, clean water, filtered water. I love to drink water, but I love how refreshing it is to splash some on your face.

I am thankful that is only 7 more sleeps until Hannah comes home! Okay… I know, she most likely will not be home for long. She’s a big girl now and home really isn’t in her life plan, but it is exciting all the same.

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