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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 252


Today I am grateful for healthy foods that I can grow and that I get from the local farmers.

I am grateful for a nice visit with my mom and am sister, Jen, and her family. They stopped to visit me and then went over to the coast. After the acting camp, Lilli and I drove over to meet them at the beach.

I am thankful for the beautiful coast I live near and visit. I am thankful that McKay and Myles and their kids, and Hannah, who was working for McKay today, and Kimber and her kids met us out there to play on the beach today. We even saw boats racing up on the beach out of the water, whale swimming in the cove near where we were sitting and a crazy wedding party that hiked up the huge dune for their wedding on a cliff, and that crazy lady (not from around here) that stripped on the beach to put on her bikini. It was an eventful day.

I am thankful that we all did well helping each other to get everyone fed safely at the casino. I was buying dinner and I needed something that would meet the appetites of all the people. Buffet it was. I just don’t like walking through all the slot machines and smoke to get to the food.

I am grateful we all traveled safely to all the places we have traveled to today.

I am thankful that the little Thespian camp is going well. Tomorrow is the last day. Lilli and her friends have done a great job putting it together.

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