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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 285 and Day 286

Yesterday was a productive day. I worked hard at school and was able to complete nearly half of the desks I need for 13 the Musical, as well as two other set pieces. The kids worked hard and did a great job. I came home and got a quick shower before driving up to Portland with John, Hannah, and Lilli. We first went to IKEA. Now that is an experience. We were looking at office options. I think John and I may have found some things we like. Then we took the girls to see In the Heights at Portland Center Stage. It was SO good. I sobbed through the end. On of the best musicals I’ve seen lately.

I am grateful that we got to do some fun things as a family. I am grateful that I have a couple kids who appreciate the theatre with me.

I am grateful we made it to the store before midnight when it closed so we could have dinner with nearly all the kids today.

I am grateful that me lesson went well and John’s talk went well especially in light of the fact that we didn’t get home until 1 o’clock in the morning.

I am grateful for a good Sabbath – a chance to reboot my soul.

I am grateful for my friend Jo. I miss her. It is nice when we are close and can share ups and down of life more easily.

I am grateful for the new dessert idea I tried today… chia seeds, coconut milk, bananas, coconut flakes, and orange juice concentrate. It was so yummy and was like eating pudding. mmm….

I am grateful for Lilli and John helping me clean up after everyone left today. It is nice to start the week with a clean house.

I am grateful for my growing knowledge of Jesus Christ. He is the source of all my hope.

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