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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 321

I am grateful that all of our stuff was still in our house when I got home at 6, 10 hours after I left for work, and the DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN! Oops. Blessing that no dishonest people noticed it was so inviting.

I am grateful for the silly time I had with Lilli and two of her friends.

I am grateful that classes went okay, even with me needing to move to the cafeteria.

I am grateful for the farmer’s bags. I am sad that today is the last day before we can sign up again in the spring.

I am grateful for simple meal plans… quesadillas to the rescue.

I am grateful that my house is usually warm. It’s is freezing right now and I can see my breath as I sit here and type. Sure hope the furnace kicks into gear soon.

I am grateful that I got some vacuuming done this morning AND half the laundry folded and put away.

( am grateful that we have a few more months left of Hannah making music in my house. I missed it while she was on her mission and she will soon be moving away for school. We really won’t have her back again. This summer she will be gone doing summer sales with Chad. And Besides, I don’t really see her ever moving back again, just a few visits here and there. It seems like her plans don’t include hanging around much longer, so I will take her music while I can get it because soon it will be gone.

I am grateful for my scripture study time. Deepening my relationship with my Savior is a treasured part of my day.

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