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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 368

Today is exhausting! First, I got up early because I thought I was needed at an early meeting. Turns out it was cancelled. I struggled to find energy and the will to be at work, but I kept trudging along through classes. I worked at keeping my cool through classes who talk too much and who the majority really don’t seem to care to learn anything. I struggle to yell over the constant chatting during rehearsal. So what am I grateful for today?

I am grateful that i have a home – a safe haven- to go to at the end of a very long day.

I am grateful that, although I am sure he is very tired himself, my husband started the dishes and rotated the laundry all while was being a zombie, completely ignoring all the things I needed to do at home.

I am grateful for the time to mentally shut down.

I am grateful for good friends and a great family.

I am grateful that I can find peace in the Savior. On long days like today a person can truly lean on Him.

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