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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 381

Today is an other day I would have rather stayed in bed. I think I have had to wipe away tears at least 6 time and it is only 6:30pm. I still have hours left to work before I can g home and crawl into bed. My emotions are on the surface. There are s many things saying on my heart. But I will try to turn things around with some gratitude.

I am grateful for Jenni who does choreography for our shows. Today she is emotional too. I think holidays are hard for her. I am grateful that she came anyway and did her best to teach talkative, feisty teens some dance for Millie. I know she would have rather at home.

I am grateful that today was the last day of school for students. I still have to work tomorrow. It’s grade day and I have to get me grades done. Plus, there is a rental for the next few days. They take up hours and hours of my time so my Christmas break would start until Sunday. That is worry-some because I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas. I will basically have 1 day to get my act together… maybe even less… because I have so many other things demanding my time and attention. So many expectations and no t time to fulfill them. Disappoint rules again over the Christmas holiday.

I am grateful for a quiet moment before this concert. I wanted to write and wasn’t looking forward to writing after I got home. I still have the concert to go and to put away all the sound, risers, and sound shell before I can go home and crash.

I am grateful that Jeff covered the first bit of rehearsal so I could go get some food. I had given Lilli money to get something while she went to lunch, but she never came back… too busy with friends. I hadn’t eaten since yesterday so I really needed a little something.

I am grateful my scripture study time this morning. I really need those moments in the scriptures. It is all that is keeping me sane and from completely believing that I fail at everything I do. If there is one thing I am really good at, it is studying my scriptures. Pray is a completely different story.

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