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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 400

This morning, as I studied my scriptures, I came across a blog , https://bookofmormonstudynotes.blog/2020/01/05/witnesses/#like-17489, that inspired me. He shared a few lessons he learned from his study of the testimonies of the witnesses of the origin of the Book of Mormon.

In summery, 1) spiritual experiences happen in different ways for different reasons 2) some spiritual experiences are intended to be shared while others are intended for personal growth 3) different people learn the same truth in different ways.

When put into a nice tidy package like that it seems like a “no duh.” I am grateful for the “no duh” moments I get while studying and pondering my scriptures.

I am grateful that a lady came up after church and hugged me. I needed that, especially since my kid just patted me as he left. It will be most likely a year before I see him again, as he will leave for his summer job right after his semester of school and go straight back to school when he is done working.

It’s been a couple hard days. Forcing myself to find something to be grateful for has been good for me.

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