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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 403

Two things stand out to me in my scripture study this morning. 1) Knowing God is what bring peace, but it takes work. Nephi felt peace, even in the middle of affliction because he knew God. It was more than knowing scriptures. He recognized the hand of God in his left. He knew he has personal experiences with God. He had worked for them. Not only did he study the scriptures, he had a desire to understand… a desire for the peace God promises. He went to God and ask, and then he listened. He learned what it felt like to have the influence of the Spirit in his life and he diligently worked for it by expressing gratitude and looking for the good in the circumstances around him. It made me think… Do I work daily for my personal experiences with God? Am I adequately expressing gratitude for His hand in my life, guiding me and correcting me? Or do I refuse to see every experience as an opportunity to learn more or Him and His love and tender mercies He extends to His children? 2) Lehi describes God as marvelous and great. I need to commit to remember this description of God. I need to work on remembering that God has power beyond my comprehension and that He is willing to use that power to help me. I am sure grateful for my moments of sanity in the morning when I can read the scriptures and ponder the words in my heart.

I am grateful that I was able to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Keller Theatre last night with Lilli, Hannah and Kimber. I was reminded of the wonderful show we did last year and of the great kids involved. I was reminded of the brilliance of the characters in this story and of the lessons I learned while designing and co-directing that show. Last nights production was a beautiful show. I completely enjoyed the Teve. He was an actor/director/designer from Israel. He was so alive! I loved his understanding of the character. The tech was pretty interesting too. I am also grateful we traveled to and from Portland in a huge rain storm safely.

I am grateful the class that is a challenge, behaved today when the principle stepped in for a surprise observation. Talk about a miracle!

I am grateful that rehearsal went fairly well. I’m so exited to see how the show is coming together.

I am grateful setting light cues went quickly this evening for the one acts. I will have to spend time tomorrow or Friday night setting lights for the World Theatre performance. I am thankful it went quickly for a couple reasons… 1) the forecast says we could get some serious snow fall next week. If that happens, and the cancel school, there will be no shows next week. 2) I am not feeling well. I am losing my voice and my throat is a little sore.. I needed to go home and sleep.

I am thankful, that when I got home I discovered a yummy Indian food. John tried a recipe I wanted. It was sooo good! I needed it.

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