Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 489

This social distancing thing seems to be driving people a little stir crazy. I’ve had some very productive and peaceful days… deep cleaned my house top to bottom with a bleach and essential oils solution… a wonderful home-centered church… playing with grand kids, including making them a reading fort and roads and hopscotch out of blue painters tape… and working in the yard.

I am thankful that Lilli has been a great help. She helped me clean. She helped me make the kid games. She mowed the lawn and blew the leaves in the garden. I know she must think her parents are old and boring, but she doesn’t let on like she can’t stand us. That is a blessing.

I am grateful for the veggies I harvested from the garden today. They were a pleasant surprise. I filled 2 gallon sized zip-lock bags with chopped cabbage. I also found some carrots I forgot I planted and after cleaning them up and cutting them into bite size piece, I was able to fill 1/2 of a gallon size zip-lock bag. It was amazing. First my hands were orange from chopping carrots and then my hands were pink/purple chopping cabbage. Cracks me up.

I am grateful that when John’s work says that no one can come into work, he can still work from home. So many people have lost their jobs over the past couple of days.

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