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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment Day 10

Wow! What a crazy day.

Today I am grateful I was able to begin attending a week long ACTE conference. I learned a ton a great things.

Today I am grateful Jeff was willing to take my PSP class. Getting a sub with this on-line thing is nearly impossible! I am also grateful for my other fellow teachers who are willing to pick up more of my classes for the rest of the week during their prep periods.

Today I am grateful that the damage to the auditorium form rising ground water and from leaks in the roof along the walls is mostly minimal. I am grateful for the alarm that went off. It directed the custodian to the wrong area for a broken sprinkler, but it did cause the to discover the issues in my area. Still, its a bummer that the a sprinkler broke in a different part of the building and destroyed several classrooms.

Today I am grateful that Hannah came to visit and returned to her Utah home safely. I know that she is coming back in a few weeks, but I will miss her… have missed her. It’s so awesome that she will be back for Christmas soon. I am also grateful for the means to fly her back at Christmas to spare her the drive home. Winter storms can be dangerous to drive when you are a single lady with spotty cell service!

Today I am grateful for the voice student who could come to lessons today and for the progress they are making. I am also grateful for the student who didn’t come and possibly share the virus they have been exposed to in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, they will all stay well and be able top return to lessons soon.

Today I am grateful for Lilli snuggles.

Today I am grateful that John not only works hard on his job, he does a little extra every day to help around the house.

What are you grateful for?

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