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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 14

So much of my ailments in life have been healed through the practice of gratitude. Gratitude truly has an immense power that can help us expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve physical health.

That doesn’t mean that writing this blog is making the pain in my mouth disappear (I got separators in my teeth yesterday because I am about to go 2 more years with braces because the past 3 years of Clear Correct didn’t do the trick).

However, I can say that practicing an attitude of gratitude has helped me feel better in general, feel greater joy and happiness, experience illness less, have more energy and enthusiasm, and created stronger relationships.

Keeping this blog has been so helpful! I have to work at not repeating myself. I have to take a deeper look at all the little things that enhance my life and that give me joy… finally getting a decent night’s sleep, a phone call from my daughter, electricity…

As I right, I need to keep the following in mind: Who or what inspired me today? What brought me happiness today? What brought me comfort and deep peace today?

Today I was inspired by master teacher who taught me many valuable things I hope to use in my classroom. Today I was inspired by generous friends who took on my classes while I was at a conference. Today I was inspired by my husband who works hard.

Today I am thankful for new nails. My nails are growing odd. They are weak and the split down the middle. Last year John took me to a cool Nail technician who does gel nails. I’ve been going as often as we can afford. Today was the day. My nails are very Christmas like now. It’s awesome!

Today I am grateful Lilli made me spaghetti. Yesterday I got spacers in my teeth. After 3 years of Clear Correct, I am starting over with 2 more years of traditional braces. My bite is off. Every time Clear Correct moved my teeth it made my bite worse. So now I start over. Still, I am grateful I have the opportunity to fix the problem and have a chance to save my teeth. Due to how bad my mouth hurt, I am also very grateful for Tylenol!

Today I am grateful for the young man from our ward who came to help John.

Today I am grateful that I am almost done with Christmas shopping… now I just need to finish the presents I’m making.

Today I am grateful for an inspiring email from a friend.

Today I am grateful for scriptures and for beautiful music.

Today I am grateful for healing oils.

Today I am grateful for my job.

Today I am thankful for my brother, King Dave. It’s his birthday today. I sure love that guy! It really is amazing he is still alive. He does some things that is it truly God’s intervention that have spared him. He has the biggest heart. He is smart. He is passionate. I remember “combing” his hair on the bus and finding a tick in his neck. When we got to school I made him go to the office. They tried to back it out, but they killed it. So, my mom came and took him to my dad who took out his pocket knife and cut it out. I remember cutting firewood and walking it into the house with him. I remember his feeding the chickens and the chickens attacking the bucket and covering him. I remember walking the deer run past the house one evening with him. I remember shooting arrows and hunting rabbits with him. I remember talking into the night on our bunkbed trying to guess what would happen next. I remember that when mom read Where the Red Fern Grows to us, he cried so loud that mom had to stop reading. I remember when the cat threw up on him and him yelling about it. I also remember when he got up one morning and threw up on the house guest’s head. Too funny. I remember the good drives we went on, like driving back to town in a beat up VW bug and him jumping out while still rolling to wiggle the wiring so we could get him to his baseball game. I remember when he was in a play where he played a native American and fall asleep as a dead Indian, only to wake up and stand up in the middle of curtain call. I remember when mom dyed his hair dark so he could be a kid in The King and I and it stayed dark. I remember when he started in Amal and the Night Visitors, sing “don’t you dare you ugly man hurt your mother!” What a cute kid. I remember he was a merciless tease! I am thankful for the chance to remember all the great King Dave stories. Happy Birthday dude. I am blessed to be your older sister.

What are you thankful for today?

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