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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 46

Today I am grateful messages of inspiration. I read this today on Facebook, “God doesn’t take away all hardships we face. But He is ready to give us the perfect tool for the job of overcoming them. Moses still faced the Red Sea. But he had a rod. David still faced Goliath. But he had a sling. Joseph Smith still faced the darkness. But he was given the scripture needed to discover light. Trials will still come… Darkness will surround you. But even when your problems make you feel “ready to sink into despair,” know that God made Joseph’s darkest place into a sacred grove. He has the tools to do the same thing for you and for me.” Beautiful… and just what I needed.

Today I am grateful for my time spent studying thoughts on unity. I shared my notes in the RS Zoom meeting, but I though I should share them here as well. My thoughts are inspired by the April 2020 conference talk By Union of Feeling We Obtain Power with God by Sharon Eubank and by a wonderful book entitled Joyfully Together by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Thoughts that are ringing strongly in my heart include these:

Joining with others is the point of this life. In fact, unity is the most precious work we can do. Like H2O… small, individual, strong elements on their own, becoming a force to be reckoned with when they join together and work in harmony… like a forest of redwood trees… tall, strong regal and beautiful on their own, yet a might forest when they knit their roots together able to withstand fierce Pacific shore winds… or the cells of a body… tiny intelligent creations that work together to help our spirits grow, move about, and learn things in this life. It is amazing! We benefit from the strengths of others and learn from each other’s weaknesses. The point of unity is to nourish, to help grow, to maintain, to create, to stay close to one another. Living in unity is the definition of Zion.

Unity happens when we look deeply into the essential teachings of Jesus Christ and live in harmony and awareness. Unity increases with prayer and meditation. Unity increases with humility. Unity happens when we strength our relationship with God.

Unity happens when we see with the eyes are able to direct us. We need seers, we need revelation. We need priesthood leaders, ward leaders, parents. Unity happens when we come when we call.

Unity increases when we are willing to hear the truth about how others see you – especially the way God sees you and others. Unity increases as we look around us with God’s eyes. Unity requires inclusive and embracing behaviors. Inclusive means opening hearts and accepting everybody… meet them where they are. Unity means we love others because they are suffering and need our love just as much as we need their love. Unity happens when you practice compassion.

Unity requires mercy and justice.

Unity happens when we contribute our energy to the collective and are present in the moment. “be a part of a collective force that changes the world for good.” I am a firm believer that if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

D&C 38:27 “Be one; and if ye are not one ye are not mine.”

“Unity takes work. It’s messy, sometimes uncomfortable, and happens gradually when we clear away the bad as fast as the good can grow.

Unity is “building Zion – a people of one heart and one mind.”

Today I am grateful for the beautiful lessons of life I learn from the spirit and from others.

Today I am grateful for chicken soup.

Today I am grateful for the fun phone call I had with McKay and family.

Today I am grateful that Lilli cleaned the kitchen and that John carried my laundry up.

Today I am grateful jars of water. I am finally feeling a little more like I can hold more down.

Today I grateful a little extra sleep. I really am feeling a little better every day.

What are you grateful for today?

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