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An Attitude Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 45

Today I am grateful I got my head back! Now to deal with the stiff neck and shoulders from being all tense from keeping my head still for days. Even sleeping has been an exercise in tension!

Today I am grateful for the work I was able to complete today.

Today I am grateful the sun that peaked out today.

Today I am grateful for my students. They make me smile.

Today I am grateful Lilli helping to make dinner.

Today’s quote from A Year of Positive Thinking was “You are completely responsible for your life.” Amen! I really believe that is what agency is all about. We need to take responsibility for our choices. Yes. We need Jesus, but we need to step in his direction. “This truth is equal parts empowering and terrifying. It means that you have to consciously let go of blame, misunderstanding, and excuses that don’t support you. Though is doesn’t justify any wrongdoing that you’ve experienced, it does give you the power to change what makes you unhappy. By accepting responsibility for where you are right now, regardless of how you got here, you better positioned to change the way your story plays out.” It is a beautiful thing that we have been blessed with the agency to choose to be happy in any situation that life throws us. The older I get the more I realize that everyone experiencing trauma in this life. No one escapes it. No matter how pretty someone’s life may look on the Facebook page, the real truth is that everyone has things in their lives that hurt, that are stressful, or that they have to “recover” from. It is up to us to “pull up our boot straps” and move forward… even better if we move forward with a smile.

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