An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment Day 60

Today I am thankful for fasting.

Today I am thankful for getting a little done at work. I am actually surprised I got anything done for work because I was in meetings from 7:30-2 and then I went right into teaching voice lessons.

Today I am thankful that I got one new book case put together. I was ready to put the second one together, but discovered that it was dropped in shipping and damaged. But the books look nice on the shelf. I am also grateful for the new lamps and for John for helping me hang them. I love the look and the soft light the produce.

I am thankful for seeing my students succeed and make discoveries. It make teaching so worth while.

I am thankful for Lilli and that she like chatting with her mom… she might think I’m a goof ball, but she likes me anyway.

I am thankful for a lovely chat I had with my friend Jamie.

I am grateful for a few minutes this morning to study D&C 4. It is a marvelous work, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am blessed by my opportunities to serve… even when they aren’t the opportunities I plan for myself or even like in the moment.

I am thankful for the cold. I am hoping for snow tomorrow. The weather app says we will have snow. I am not really holding my breath, but would sure enjoy a good snow day… not that we would have a day off of school… it’s just the thought of a snow day. It would put a smile on so many faces. There really is something magical about falling snow.

What are you grateful for today?

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