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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 68

I missed yesterday because did not feel well. I had a killer headache. My arm hurt. I was so tired. So after I came home from school and rehearsal, I only had enough energy for a quick RS Activity Committee meeting and dinner before hitting the sack. Probably the best sleep I have had in a while. So today I am grateful for deeper sleep.

Today I am grateful I feel better.

Today I am grateful that I got most of the bears I have left in orders all cut out. Tomorrow I will focus on sewing them all together.

Today I am grateful that I didn’t freeze up as I was observed teaching today. It was so nerve racking because teaching on line is hard and most definitely not like teaching in person… especially teaching a hand on learning class.

Today I am glad our little Valentine’s card activity went fairly well. Not many kids turned on their cameras at the end, but I had fun. I hope the kids did too.

Today I am grateful for a principal who is working hard to get our little musical filmed. It looks like we might be able to film in a couple weeks!

Today I am grateful John got Thai food for dinner. I loved the pineapple chicken curry. super tasty!

Today I am grateful for the early morning phone calls from Lenayah. They have been the most effective alarm clock I have ever had.

Today I am grateful my family remains safe in a nutty world.

Today I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It centers me. It gives me purpose.

What are you thankful for today?

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