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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 67

Truth! God is merciful.

Today I am grateful that my classes went well.

Today I am grateful that although I waited 2 hours instead of the actually honoring an appointment today for a vaccination, I did get my first dose of the vaccine. I’m not one who holds stock in most vaccines, but this one may help kids get back into in-person school… so I got it. Kids hope is fading. More and more kids no longer value learning and education. More and more kids are shutting down. And the division between school staff angry that people want them back to in school and parent angry because their kids are shutting down. Both sides are getting louder. Trust between school staff and families is gravelly damaged. It is pretty bad. So… I got a vaccine… me who vaccinated my own kids on my own schedule or when I had to.

Today I am grateful that John paid some guys to fix the driveway with crushed rock. It is smooth. It is packed down. There is no mud. There isn’t a huge cliff off the road and into the driveway. It’s amazing.

Today I am grateful that I got bears boxed up and ready for mailing tomorrow.

Today I am grateful butternut squash soup and that John made it while made a bear to replace one that was mistakenly given away.

What are you grateful for today?

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