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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 72

Today I am grateful I got my scripture study in before I headed to work.

Today I am grateful that John was sneaky and got me to leave my truck at home. Then he hired a guy to detail the truck as a Valentine’s Day gift to me. The truck looks AMAZING! It looks better than the day was drove it off the lot! The guy even fixed scratches and stuff. There are no more stains on the seats or the carpet. Seriously, it looks so good! Even the rusty wheel are shiny and silver now. And his name was Disney! How cool is it that I got my car detailed by Mr. Disney. If anyone near Monmouth or Independence needed their car detail, this is the guy to do it!

Today I am grateful that we sold 6 more bears! I am also grateful that I was able to cut them out. We really are trying to make this a business, so it’s fun that people are buying the bears.

Today I am grateful that I got my cookie bags put together with Jeff so we can deliver them tomorrow. It is going to be tons of fun to decorate cookies in PSP on Friday! Tomorrow we just need to add the icing that Rachel made and then we need to run them around town. It’s going to be great!

Today I am thankful that John made a yummy dinner of Zucchini Bread sticks and tomato soup. I am also grateful for the salami and provolone and tortilla chips and nacho cheese snacks I had while I waited for dinner.

Today I am grateful that me classes went well today.

Today I am grateful for a sunny day before the winter storm moves in. They used to say we would be getting snow starting tomorrow. Sadly, they now say no snow for us, but Portland gets some. I am truly disappointed. I really wanted a good snow storm this year.

What are you grateful for today!

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