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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 75

Today I am grateful that I found things to keep me busy while we had no power for 12 hours. I ended up cutting out bears… lots of bears.

Today I am grateful that my thumb tolerated all the cutting.

Today I am grateful that we cut down those 2 trees this past fall. Trees all over town are broken and down all over town. Our house would have most likely been damaged in the ice storm.

Today I am grateful that after several hours of difficult sleep because of no power and thus no CPAP, John hooked up a battery at 6 when he got up and I got a couple hours of sleep.

Today I am grateful that my cell phone had service long enough to check in with my parents before losing cell service for the day.

Today I am grateful that Lilli was willing to run around town and check on people for me. I am grateful that John did the same… checking on tons of people in the ward.

Today I am grateful that Kimber and family are safe during the ice storm and that they had a good day hanging out with the Jessop grandparents.

Today I am grateful the power came back on around 3pm and our house got to warm up. It was pretty cold in the house ( around 57 degrees) by the time we got power back.

Today I am grateful for camping supplies so we could have hot tea this morning.

Today I am grateful all the good people who helped others all day long.

Stake Conference is cancelled tomorrow because so many are still without power and internet. We are blessed that we can still worship at home.

I will have to post pictures of the ice tomorrow.

What are you grateful for this fine day?

1 thought on “An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 75”

  1. I am grateful that your trees were used to heat the home of your neighbor during this storm instead of being a danger to yours. What a blessing!

    I am grateful that my Sina in Longview, WA is safe and hunkered down as the snow dumps down in her town.

    I am grateful that my BYUH sister thought of me and now her son, daughter and granddaughter are here for the night, safe from the wintery roadways. Driving 12 hours from CA, I am glad they are safe and resting.

    I am grateful for good rest and medicine that helps during times of illness.

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