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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 78

They cancelled school today because too many students and staff are without reliable power, internet and cell service. Today they announced that we have no school tomorrow as well. The school buildings continues to struggle with no phone, internet connections and power. It is an issue of equity. However, it does mess with my Thursday. I don’t normally teach on a Thursday, plus it was scheduled as a grade day. Now they are putting the last day of the semester on Thursday. This is a problem because I have a 3 hour root canal appoint scheduled right through when I am now scheduled to teach. I am thankful my principal is understanding is helping me find coverage for my shortened, on-line, 20 minute classes. Seriously! What a weird year it has been.

Today I am grateful that I had some time to catch up on grading.

Today I am grateful for my scripture study time. I was inspired by the number of times the scriptures I was studying said to be patient and to wait on the Lord’s timing. This is a hard thing for me and something I continually work on.

Today I am grateful that I had a little time to work on my bears.

Today am grateful that I was able to add some bears to my Etsy store. I love how this baby bear and matching baby receiving blanket turned out. I sure hope this works and they sell.

Now I am off to a RS Presidency meeting…

What are you grateful for today?

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