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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 83

Today I am grateful for in-person church. Today I witnessed the sweetest thing. Three young siblings were clearly excited to pass the sacrament. The Deacons’ Quorum president first offered to give up his spot so the brothers could work together until the Bishop stood and whispered something. As the hymn played they sat on the bench whispering and pointing. The brothers took turns and their quorum president patiently taught them what to do. It was sweet.

Today I am thankful for a comment in Sunday School that helped me to understand things more clearly. The guy who commented compared the three Witnesses to the cables the help to stable a volleyball net pole. I understood that symbol because my dad used to work on radio towers. The towers are strong, but they need guide wires to help them remain stable with the winds increase. Th witnesses to the Book of Mormon plates and the Restoration could act in a similar way. Their testimonies could influence the testimonies of others. But they could also help strengthen the testimony of Joseph Smith when the wind of persecutions increase and attach him and his testimony of the Restoration. It would be like Aaron and that others who held up the arms of Moses… supporting, strengthening, stabilizing. Very cool.

Today I am grateful I was able to complete a bear for Freya. I weighted it because I believe the weight could help her calm down a bit. She has a terrible time going to sleep and holding still and focusing on school. I’m hoping that a weighted bear will help her.

Today I am grateful that I was able to complete 2 bears for a couple of girls I love like family and for completing a bear and blankie for their mom to give away. It is satisfying to see how cute they turn out.

Today I am grateful for family. My brother is experiencing health troubles. All of the siblings gathered with my parents this evening to open a fast in his behalf. This is an amazing thing because 3 of my siblings would identify as non-believers yet they still came. There is healing payer in faith. There is healing power in the love a family has for each other.

Today I am thank for Kimber working on overcoming fear. Several months ago a lady hit her car. She was safe, but the car was totaled. Physically she was fine, but emotionally she experienced a set back. She didn’t learn to drive until well after she had kids. Cars make her anxiety go nuts. This fender bender set her back and she would have a panic attach just riding in a car. However, today she was brave and DROVE to my house for dinner! I am so proud of her. It takes a ton of courage to face your fears.

Today I am thankful for a chat with McKay.

Today I am thankful for a chat with my parents.

Families are awesome!

What are you grateful for today?

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