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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 84

Today I am grateful for family. It is cool that my siblings and parents rally around each other. Today we met via Zoom to have a close a fast prayer together… first time in a long time… but still cool. I have more to go on my fast because Mon-Tues is my long fast for intermittent fasting. It was nice though, to hear them all interact and be goofballs.

Today I am thankful that my scheduled conferences went well. I have a few tomorrow and 1 on Wednesday to go… and then there are the 2 that won’t answer emails nor phone calls.

Today I am grateful Lilli mailed some packages for me. I am excited to see how the recipients will react! I hope I get pictures!

Today I like how my hair looked. Usually, I am a hot mess. But today I actually look fairly put together. Go figure.

Today I am grateful that John helped me change the sheets on the bed. I can’t wait to sleep on clean sheets!

Tomorrow stats with an early meeting. Today I am grateful for the opportunity to go to bed at a decent time… and tow warmers!

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